Top 3 OS X Yosemite Garageband Rumours

top 3 yosemite pic


Slated for an Autumn 2014 release, Apple’s latest version of OS X – Yosemite - promises a massive visual overhaul, a host of new iCloud features and deeper integration with your iOS devices.


There sure are a ton of shiny new features on the horizon - a full run down can be found here - but what have we music minded Mac users got to look forward to?


Well, Apple aren’t giving much away in terms of details at the moment and their recent keynote didn’t reveal anything concrete, but the internet being the internet it didn’t take long for a few juicy morsels of information to surface.


What improvements and new features can Garageband users expect from OS 10.10?

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How To Mix Vocals In Garageband Part 1

How To Mix your Vocals In garageband featured image


Getting your Vocals sounding ‘just right’ is perhaps the most important part of your mixing job. The overall quality of your produced Vocals can be the difference between a good project and a great project…


There are no set in stone rules when it comes to putting together a great sounding Vocal mix, but here are a couple of pointers that have really helped keep me on the right track:

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Audiobus 2 – What’s New?

Audiobus 2 & Garageband


When Audiobus was released back in 2012, it single handedly changed the way music was made on iOS devices seemingly overnight.


It’s ability to let you send audio from one app, filter it through another and output all that sonic loveliness into another app broadened the music making horizons of many iOS musicians.


Over a year on and the team at Audiobus have just updated the app to version 2, implementing tons of useful new features as well as adding a beautiful new user interface.


So let’s dive in and have a good old gander at what’s on offer in Audiobus 2, shall we?

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Free Compressor Round Up

Free Compressor Round Up BF Image


The latest version of Garageband is missing something.


It’s missing something so important to the production and mixing of great sounding projects, that I would personally find it incredibly difficult to work with the program without adding some extra third party plug ins…


You guessed it –  Garageband 10 is missing a useable compressor… and before you say it –  i know there’s that wee dial in Smart Controls marked ‘compressor’, but i’m not sure it counts…


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Garageband 10 AU Plug In Fix

AU Plug In Fix


Since the release of Garageband 10, there’s one problem that’s plagued new users and old hands alike. It’s one of the most frequently asked questions on the Apple support Garageband thread and definitely among the top 3 questions I get asked nowadays…


You guessed it – “How the hell do I use AU plug ins in Garageband 10?”


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Free Chorus Plug In (Yes – It Works In Garageband 10)

Blue Cat Chorus Pic #1


If there’s one thing that Apple got a wee bit wrong during the roll out of their new operating system and subsequent update to Garageband, it was communication.


A TON of people got in contact complaining that many of their plug ins – some free  and some bought and paid forjust didn’t work with their brand spanking new version of GB… And no-one would give them a straight answer as to why.


It slowly became clear that this was due to Garageband 10′s lack of support to anything other than 64-bit plug ins (bringing it in line with it’s ‘big brother’, Logic X) meaning a lot of big name plug ins got left out in the cold. Some are still waiting on a fix or solution.


But enough doom and gloom.

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