The Easy Way To Share Your Garageband Projects

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How To Use Garageband


Ever wanted an easy way to share your Garageband projects with other musicians?


Maybe you’ve written and composed a tune in Garageband and you want someone to play it on a particular instrument?


You could sit them down and physically show them how to play it, or – if you know how – go through the painstaking and monotonous process of writing the music down for them in notation form…… Ugh.


Thankfully, There is a much easier way!

Garageband makes it quick and easy to save a PDF of your Software Instrument tracks as sheet music.


I’ll take you through it step by step in this quick wee video.





Really simple and really useful. That’s how we like ’em!
Now get out of here and start sharing your Garageband Projects!


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  1. Does this work on music you have recorded yourself? I don’t see the note option when i click the track editor?

    • Sorry Diane, you’re only able to export Software Instrument (green) tracks as sheet music.

  2. Help – does this work on older Garagebands?

    • I can confirm that it works on Garageband ’09 (version 5) Jack – I have an old iBook G4 that runs GB’09 and the above method works like a charm!

  3. Not quite so easy Patrick. You chose a Piano track but it doesn’t work with guitar or any other instrument does it?

    • You’re absolutely right Steve.

      As I mentioned in the article (and to Diane in the comments) above, it’s only Software Instrument tracks that can be exported as sheet music.

  4. thanks heaps for this fabulous website and information Patrick. With the score – is there any way to print the score for a few tracks at once? I’ve written a piece with a violin and a flute and a bass part (using the piano/keyboard on the computer) and when i go to print out the score it’d be great if they could not only see what they’re playing but what the other instruments are playing at the same time – instead of just having only their part on the page. cheers and thanks again.


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