Apple made waves back in 2015 when it bought Camel Audio, the makers of the hugely popular freeware synth plug-in; Alchemy.

A fully featured and redesigned version of the synth has since appeared in Logic X and Mainstage, with GarageBand 10 getting a simplified version last year too.

Functioning almost identically to it’s (now unavailable) standalone app, Alchemy is a fantastic addition to GarageBand’s Touch Instruments. Accessible from the Keyboard Touch Instrument menu, there are over 150 Apple designed patches from a wide variety of genres to get stuck into.

In this video tutorial, I take an in depth look at how it works and demo some of my favourite sounds. I also talk a little about Apple’s controversial decision to limit Alchemy’s rollout to specific iDevices.



How are you enjoying Alchemy and the other new features we got access to in update 2.2?

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