You’ve spent countless hours writing, recording and mixing your latest Single, EP or Album. Maybe you’ve had it professionally mastered or got it up to broadcast standard yourself.

What now?

Chances are you’re going to want to release your magnum opus into the big wide world and have as many people hear it as possible.

In the old days, you would need a record company to distribute your music on your behalf. Nowadays it’s much easier to get your music onto streaming sites like Spotify, Apple Music or digital storefronts like iTunes and Amazon using online music distribution services.

And make no mistake, as cool as it is to hold a freshly pressed CD with you and/or your band’s name on it, the vast majority of music listeners consume their tunes via streaming services.

There’s a lot of choices when it comes to choosing which online distributor to go with. There are so many things to consider – price, royalties, copyright ownership etc.

Finding which one is right for you can be tough.

With that in mind, I’ve put together a video giving you the lowdown on three of the most popular online music distributors out there and which one I reckon comes out on top.



There you have it – it’s clear which of the featured online distributor’s is giving you the best deal.

As mentioned in the video, even the founders of CD Baby and TuneCore recommend Distrokid, so you know you’re getting a good deal.

In fact, Distrokid are happy to give GarageBand Guide readers a 7% discount on any Distrokid package! Simply sign up using the link below. ( I did try to arrange a discount for the GarageBand Guide community with the other services as well, but they couldn’t/wouldn’t do it.)

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Have you used any of the online music distributors mentioned in the video above? Maybe you’ve used a different service before? Let me know in the comments below, or come join the conversation on Facebook.