What a week!

Music minded Apple fans have hardly had time to stop and catch their breath, what with the unveiling of Mavericks, Garageband iOS getting an update and the massive overhaul of Garageband in the form of Garageband X. Not to mention Apple’s change in pricing strategy for both it’s DAWs (and by ‘change in pricing strategy’ I of course mean that THEY’RE FREE)!

It’s all been a bit crazy

There’s been a wee bit confusion surrounding the ins and outs of the latest iteration of Garageband on Mac and it’s true – a lot has changed.

In this video I help set the record straight on some of the sillier rumours you may have heard and shed some light on some of Garageband X’s new features.

In this video:

  • AU Plug in Meltdown

  • Automation

  • Smart Controls

  • Visual EQ FTW!

  • Automating A Fade Out V2.0

  • Drummer (overview)


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