Update: Yosemite is here – along with a huge update to Garageband! Did Apple redeem themselves this time around? Check out my overview right here


Slated for an Autumn 2014 release, Apple’s latest version of OS X – Yosemite – promises a massive visual overhaul, a host of new iCloud features and deeper integration with your iOS devices.

There sure are a ton of shiny new features on the horizon – a full run down can be found here – but what have we music minded Mac users got to look forward to?

Well, Apple aren’t giving much away in terms of details at the moment and their recent keynote didn’t reveal anything concrete, but the internet being the internet it didn’t take long for a few juicy morsels of information to surface.

What improvements and new features can Garageband users expect from OS 10.10?


Here are my top 3 OS X Yosemite Garageband rumours.


 MIDI Over Bluetooth LE

512px-Bluetooth.svgAll but 100% confirmed, Apple are apparently adding a Bluetooth option to the Audio/MIDI set up in OS X Yosemite. which will allow you to scan for and connect to enable devices in the vicinity of your Mac.

While this doesn’t sound particularly exciting on it’s own, it’s believed this functionality will allow you to connect to and use the huge number of third party MIDI controllers (think keyboards, drum pads etc.) made specifically for iOS devices.

It will be interesting to see how Apple get around some of the latency issues associated with Bluetooth connected instruments and MIDI controllers, but as this feature isn’t currently available in current beta versions of Yosemite, we will have to wait until the full release to find out…


 Audio Unit Overhaul

Apple is making some BIG improvements to Audio Units in Yosemite.

The word is that we will be able to tag Audio Units with specific tags, making them searchable in the same way other files are in the Finder.  After the confusion surrounding Audio Units in the Garageband 10 upgrade, any thing that makes them easier to find and use is a plus in my book…


audio-unit-tags - 9to5mac.com

Screenshot courtesy of http://9to5mac.com

Speaking of Audio Units…


 Audio Units in Garageband iOS?

Perhaps most exciting of all is the rumored ability to take some of your (freshly tagged) Audio Units and using the supposedly much improved Airdrop functionality, import and use them in your Garageband iOS projects!

Definitely the most ‘rumour-y’ of these three rumours,  the ability to use effects and plug ins in your Garageband iOS projects would be an incredible step forward.

Coupled with Apple’s much touted ‘Continuity’ feature we could very well see the ability to start putting a project together on say your iPad before seamlessly firing up your Mac and having instant access to the same project, allowing you to continue working on it and vice versa.


We’ll have to wait until the Autumn to find out if any of these rumours turn out to be 100% accurate, but until then share your own predictions in the comments below. What changes to Garageband would you like to see in OS X Yosemite?