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The latest plug in from the folks at Blue Cat Audio, Destructor is an amp modeling and saturation tool that the company say can simulate any kind of distortion.

It’s easy to be cynical about such a bold claim, but having spent several hours finding my way around Destructor and putting it through it’s paces i’m happy to report that it really is as flexible and fully featured as Blue Cat describe.

While the focus is definitely on guitar and bass amp modeling here, there’s a ton of scope for use in a variety of different situations. Blue Cat mention Electronic music and tape saturation effects on their website, but Destructor works just as well to add a little flavour to complete mixes on a master track.

Destructor’s interface is well laid out and a breeze to use; Blue Cat have went to great lengths here to make sure getting some fantastic sounds as easy as possible.

You can use the hundreds of available presets that come bundled with the plug in to get a feel for the different sounds on offer. I found that the vast majority of the available presets sounded fantastic on their own, needing only slightly tweaked to fit in well in ‘real life’ mixes.

Having said that, there is some real power ‘under the hood’ here for those interested in getting specific with their sounds; you can switch any of Destructor’s 3 modules to ‘edit mode’ at the click of a button, changing their respective interfaces and allowing you to fine tune their settings.

In the video below find out how Destructor works and hear how it sounds.



Positioning itself as a reasonably priced Amp modeling plug in and saturation plug in, Destructor will cost you a lot less and be more versatile in the long run than some more well known plug ins from other companies that spring to mind (i’m looking at you, Bias FX…).

All things considered you are getting fantastic value for money here – it’s refreshing to see such a fully featured and powerful plug in at such a reasonable price point.

The lovely folks at Blue Cat Audio are also giving you an introductory offer of  20% off Destructor right now! Madness!


The Verdict

Blue Cat Audio's Destructor
Viable as a great sounding Amp sim as well as a downright filthy saturation and distortion plug in, Blue Cat Audio's destructor offers fantastic value for money.
Simple to use interface
Sounds fantastic
Excellent value
Not much
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