Can you remember a time when you couldn’t whip out your iPad, iPod or iPhone and capture song ideas, snatches of recorded conversations or weird/wonderful samples on the fly?

It’s hard, isnt it? It is for me anyway – i’ve been enthralled by Apple’s Garageband iOS App since it’s release.

If this isn’t your first time on board the good ship Garageband Guide, you’ll be fully aware of my ongoing love affair with the other Garageband, so to say I was all aquiver at the prospect of all that music making goodness squashed into the palm of my hand and available everywhere I go would be a gross understatement…

You might also know that a big part of what I do is answering budding Garageband Genius’ questions, be it through Twitter, Email or whatever. After being asked the same questions several times by different people, it became clear that there are still a few things that a lot of folks still don’t know about Apple’s marvelous wee app.

So – i’ve put together a video that aims to shed some light on the 3 things that I get asked the most about the Garageband iOS App.


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