I LOVE Izotope.


I use their plug-ins regularly, so when I was coming up with ideas for what to cover for the second edition of ‘You Need This Plug-In’ there was only one choice….


Izotope describe Vinyl as ‘the ultimate Lo-Fi weapon‘ and it’s hard to argue otherwise.

With an incredibly simple UI, 5 different controllable parameters (Mechanical Noise, Wear, Electrical Noise, Dust, Scratch – though no warp control for us Apple users – boo!), and 13 built in presets Vinyl is a veritable smorgasbord of sonic experimentation just waiting for you to dive in a play around with.


Speaking of diving in, check out this video demo where I take a closer look at Vinyl’s features and show you a cool wee trick that anyone can pull off.



Need I say more?


Get your hands on Izotope Vinyl here:



Izotope Vinyl



I’d love to hear how you’ve used Vinyl – post a link to your Izotope Vinyl project in the comments, or – even better – share it with the awesome crowd over on Facebook