The Ultimate Garageband Toolbox!


I get asked every week about the best resources and tools to use for Garageband, Garageband iOS, Home Studio stuff, Gear and more, so I  decided to put this list together…



The BEST way to start your Garageband Journey!



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Start Learning!


You can also find a selection of super useful tutorials aimed at beginners right here.



Free Garageband Loops

Definitely the best place to get your hands on new loops and instrument sounds, Loopmasters have a huge amount of both free and paid sounds available. I’m a big fan of their selection of drum loops, but their orchestral, electronic and vocal options are brilliant too.

All you need to do to get your hands on over 500 MB of FREE loops is sign up to their website. You can also supercharge your Garageband sound library by installing another of Apple’s audio programs – MainStage.

Check out the video below for info on both these methods.



Get your Free Loops here:



Free Plug ins

It’s definitely a good idea to bolster your Garageband Plug in arsenal at some point. There are loads of high quality free plug ins out there in the big wide internet, just waiting for you to hunt them down and put them to good use.

Here’s a list of my favourite places to get a hold of free plug ins:

I’d highly recommend you grab the plug ins available from these FREE bundles:

Huge list of 64 bit plug ins (Courtesy of the awesome  at

Synth Heaven:

Everything + The Kitchen Sink (a HUGE selection, from compressors, to distortion and beyond…)

Another Massive list of multi-use plug ins:



Software Instruments

I would always recommend installing Apple’s MainStage if you’re ready to supercharge Garageband with some new instrument sounds – The instruments, loops and pre sets within carry over to both programs.

There are a lot of third party instrument sounds out there too – here’s a ginormous list of some of the best, direct from the Apple support community!


 iOS Apps

There are literally hundreds of iOS apps put there – apps you can plug your guitar into – apps that emulate piano sounds – apps that act as fully fledged recording studios – drum apps – synth apps – you get the idea…

If I had to pick one as absolutely essential, i’d cheat and tell you to get both the Garageband iOS app  along with Audiobus. With those two you’re set to record pretty much any other music app you fancy into Garageband.

Guitarist? I’d recommend getting a hold of the free versions of Amplitube, JamUp and AmpKit, pick which one you like best and shell out for the pro version of your fave – it’ll be worth the cash, promise!


Release Your Music

Once you’ve recorded, mixed and mastered your awesome new GarageBand project, you’ll no doubt want to release it for all the world to hear, right?

I recommend Distrokid for all your online music distribution needs. They’ll get your music on all the major streaming sites like Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Google Play and more 10x faster and a hell of a lot cheaper than any other company out there.

What’s more, they are happy to offer GarageBand Guide readers a VIP  7% discount on any of their packages, so you could release as many singles, EPs and albums as you want for just over $18 a year! Simply sign up and choose a package using the link below. 🤘

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