Are you  just starting down the path to Garageband enlightenment?
Wouldn’t it be great if someone put together some sort of list that outlined a selection of the best tricks and tips?


Lucky old you….


Whether you’re a complete beginner or are just looking to learn a few new tricks, you’ll love this Garageband tutorial video.


In it, I’ll take you through my list of 5 essential things that every aspiring Garageband Ninja NEEDS to know….


  • How To Set Up Your New Garageband Project

  • Finding and Changing the Key of Apple Loops

  • Record Takes With the Cycle Region

  • Groove Matching

  • Exporting Your Projects


Check it out:



Once you’ve mastered the 5 things that you need to know in this Garageband Tutorial, go grab your free copy of my 41 page Garageband Quick Start Guide – it’s got everything you need to get the most out of Garageband.


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