GarageBand 10.2

GarageBand 10.2 Update

Hot on the heels of their annual World Wide Developers Conference this year, Apple has released updates for GarageBand 10 on macOS and GarageBand 2 on iOS. A...
How To Use Live Loops

How To Use Live Loops

Introduced as one of GarageBand iOS' new features in January 2016, Live Loops allows you create music quickly and easily using an intuitive cell system. Usin...
iOS Guitar Apps

Top 5 iOS Guitar Apps

It's never been easier to record on the go - there's a huge market for portable instrument interfaces nowadays aimed squarely at mobile music makers. Since the ...
Garageband plugins

GarageBand 10: How Many Plugins? Q&A #10

Chances are you're going to use GarageBand's built-in plugins (or a third party's) at some point. Activating them on your selected track is as easy as opening S...
SmartRig+ Review

Saramonic SmartRig+ Review

We're spoiled for choice when it comes to super portable audio interfaces nowadays. Companies like IK Multimedia, Focusrite and Apogee have all released many di...

GarageBand iOS Alchemy Tutorial

Apple made waves back in 2015 when it bought Camel Audio, the makers of the hugely popular freeware synth plug-in; Alchemy. A fully featured and redesigned v...
GarageBand 2.2 Update

GarageBand 2.2 Update

 GarageBand 2.2 for iPhone and iPad opens up a new world of possibilities for mobile music makers Surprise, huh?  Proving that it is possible to improve on per...
GarageBand update

GarageBand – Should You Update? Q&A #8

Apple updated GarageBand to version 10 way back in 2013, yet the previous version of our favourite digital audio workstation was so fully featured and stable th...
Apogee Jam 96K Review

Apogee Jam 96K Review

The original Jam was one of a few high profile 'breakout' devices back in 2012 when recording on the go using your iPhone or iPad became a reality. Positioni...
Blue Cat's Destructor Review

Blue Cat’s Destructor Review

The latest plug in from the folks at Blue Cat Audio, Destructor is an amp modeling and saturation tool that the company say can simulate any kind of distortion....
How To Share Your Garageband iOS Projects

How To Share Your Garageband iOS Projects

You’ve spent hours writing, practicing, recording and putting the final touches to your latest Garageband masterpiece – what now? Garageband’s built in shari...
5 Ways To Finish Your Garageband Project

5 Ways To Finish Your Garageband Project

How do you know when your project is finished? When is it ready to share? If you're anything like me, starting a new project is easy. You have an awesome new...
Status HD One Headphones Review

Status HD One Headphones Review

Is it possible to get premium quality sound from a budget price pair of headphones? Status Audio seem to think so - their philosophy being "No logos. No celebr...
Garageband sampler

Garageband iOS Tutorial: The Sampler

One of Garageband iOS' frequently overlooked features, the sampler is a fantastic tool that you can use to turn practically any sound into a melody. Capturin...
Audio Technica AT2020 Garageband

Audio Technica AT2020 Review

The first thing I thought when popping my shiny new Audio Technica AT2020 out of it's box was 'Wow, this doesn't look like it cost under £100'. Having said t...
Adele Hello Garageband


Garageband genius Arvid Sandgren gives another composition masterclass on Garageband iOS, this time showing us how to recreate Adele's worldwide chart topper 'H...
Garageband Pedalboard tutorial

Garageband Pedalboard Tutorial

Just like Garageband's Amp Designer, the Pedalboard has enough power under the hood to really help bring out the best in your guitar tracks. Whether you're l...


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